Friday, September 18, 2009

Part of maintaining an organic garden is putting up with pests sometimes. Some pests are just pests to me, such as aphids, cabbage loopers, and slugs. I have no compunction whatsoever about squishing aphids by the thousands, and no doubt that they will be back by the millions every year. Some though, such as the star of my little video, I have a little more trouble doing away with. It's not this guy's looks that have saved him for the time being. In fact, as you can see, he looks exactly like bird poop. It's the fact that I love his ingenious camaflouge, and I have never seen one of these in person before. These caterpillars are also known as Orange Dogs, and though the film is poor quality, if you look close you can see him sticking his big orange antenae out at me when I touch the leaf. There's only just the one, for now, and I haven't been using much of my Thai lime leaves anyway, so I am going to let him hang out. I want to see what he looks like as an adult--an Asian Swallowtail caterpillar with purportedly lovely brown and yellow wings. If I can catch it on film I will.


Well, he got a lit bigger and ate quite a lot of my tree, but he's gone now. I hope he snuck off somewhere to pupate and I just can't find him, rather than got eaten by a bird.

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