Thursday, October 1, 2009 Photo Contest!

Hey foodies!

I haven't really gotten around to it yet, but I intend to post some good food stuff on this blog as well, as it relates loosely to gardening and organics, because it's my blog and I can. That being the case, my first food-related post is to encourage you, my lovely readers, to enter your favorite food photos in's food photography contest. Prizes include a FusionWood Petty Knife by New West Knife Works, a Mini Espresso Grinder, $50 Amazon gift certificates, and James Paterson cookbooks. I have spent hours looking at the photos on their site (seriously) and there's some stiff competition. So show 'em what you got! Oh yeah and vote for me! My handle is BamBam7. Food Photography Contest

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    for a little food photography advice...

    Mine would be to utilize natural light as much as possible.