Friday, October 9, 2009

A Few Notes From the Fall Garden

This lovely debutante is an okra flower, probably one of the most beautiful flowers I know of, a delicate beauty which gives way to the one of the most under-appreciated vegetables I know of.
The whole garden is renewed and loving the wet weather, and today was the first truly cool weather day so far. It was fantastic. I have several little eggplant coming in, and a bounty of microgreens (marketing-speak for thinned seedlings) which provide a tart/bitter/hot/sweet delight as well as tons of nutrients when added to a salad. It also somewhat eases the pain of pulling those little babies you have spent the last few weeks caring for and willing to grow, a task I always find especially heart breaking.

What is the highlight of your Fall garden? Are you looking forward to pickling beets? Having greens all winter? Adding fresh kale to your morning smoothie?

This Sunday I will be overhauling the Austin Zen Center's garden, along with a few other members. Stay tuned for pictures, and enjoy the soup and sweater weather.

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